‘Neil Wilde &

Jakub Konieczko’

‘The harpiano show’

‘The Harpiano Show’ consists of two musicians: Neil Wilde ­ English pianist, vocalist, song writer, composer and Jakub Konieczko ­ Polish harmonica player, vocalist and composer.

If you love boogie-woogie, blues and rock’n’roll you are in the right place!

“Don`t Stop! Keep On Rocking!”

THE NAME- The part “Harpiano” in The Harpiano Show  is a connection of two English words: informal name of harmonica, “harp” and “piano”. For a better pronunciation double “p” has been changed into a single one and the name “Harpiano” has come into being.


REPERTOIRE- In the repertoire of the duo ‘The Harpiano Show’ there are mainly boogie-woogie, blues, rock and roll composition and stylish ballads. During the concerts you can hear Neil Wilde’s composition and very well-known songs like What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) or Unchain My Heart (Ray Charles). The performance of the duo is not just music, but also a show where Neil plays the piano by feet, elbows and holds the instrument vertically while Jakub plays great harmonica solos. ‘The Harpiano Show’ concert is surely an unforgettable musical and artistic experience.


NEIL WILDE- Pianist, vocalist, song writer comes from West Yorkshire. Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley had the biggest influence on him. In effect he started to take an interest in boogie-woogie and rock and roll. Through the years on the stage he has worked out his unique style of singing and piano playing. He entertains the audience by playing boogie-woogie using coat hanger, feet or elbows. He has been traveling around the world with his one-man show or with his band for more than 40 years.



JAKUB KONIECZKO - Harmonica player, vocalist, composer, lives in Czestochowa (Poland). He has been playing harmonica (diatonic and chromatic) for 15 years. He was a student of the best harmonica teachers in Poland and Europe. In 2013 Jakub established his band Forsal and with the band he has taken part in many festivals and won very prestigious awards. Jakubs biggest influence are Little Walter, B.B. King and Stevie Wonder who got him interested in the blues, swing, traditional jazz and funk. Playing harmonica he is inspired by wind instruments (trumpet, saxophone, trombone) and percussion instruments, what you can hear during the performance of ‘The Harpiano Show’. 


Event Properties

Event Date 03-08-2018 7:30 pm
Event End Date 03-08-2018 10:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Cut off date 03-08-2018 8:00 pm
Prices From £13.00
Location Roy Kemp Hall
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