LANDMARKS by: Nick Darke
The Year is 1935
In this engaging and gently comic story of folklore and myth, the tractor is taking over from the horse and the balance of nature is being upset. When a stranger appears, Wilf and Totty take drastic action to find out whether he is an Angel, a Ghost, or worse...a Boggart!

It is Cheshire in the 1930s.
In the countryside the tractor is taking over from the horse.
Wilf is a farmer whose traditional methods have served him well all through his hard working life. When his younger brother-in-law Totty insists in introducing new technology into their family business, Wilf fears that the balance of nature will be upset. A family feud develops and thing get worse for the family when a mysterious stranger appears in the form of a harmless priest, but the family fear that he is possibly a ghost or an angel or...a Boggart, a spirit portentous of disasters. They decide to take action and their hilarious ineptitude and the interference of the eccentric busybody Mrs Mayse has dire consequences for the family.

A thought provoking story from the past which has something important to say about our present concerns for the environment.

Richard Avery, who directs, worked with Nick Darke and was in the cast of Landmarks at Chester Gateway Theatre in 1979.
Richard returns this time along with Neil King, Gordon Meredith, Jane Hollington and Roxanne Waite.

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